Dads want to be close to their children without having to give up their jobs. Moms, on the other hand, want a smooth return to work from maternity leave, but they do not want to lose close contact with their children. How to solve it so that you do not lose great employees or work efficiency? I can help you with that.

Let's make superheros from Dads 

Our society has undergone a number of changes in recent years. Employers are most affected by three of them - growing desire of men to participate equally in the upbringing of their children, the difficult situation of women returning after maternity and parental leave, and the growing importance of a generation of millennials who have completely different priorities than the generations before them. That is why companies must change and offer their employees flexibility.



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Czech or English. What do I offer?

Workshops and trainings

I can facilitate the discussion with the participation of the company's management and employees. I can introduce your employees to a more detailed insight into a number of topics you address - whether it is parenting, corporate culture, diversity and more.

Motivation speech

Parenting, job flexibility, corporate culture, diversity or inclusion are my heart's topics. I will be happy to join your conference or panel discussion as a motivational speaker. Look where I performed. 

Individual or team coaching

In most cases coachings bring the best results for individual or team. Understanding the inner motives of the individual and the whole team is always a key for succesful change. In some cases mentoring could be also a possibility.

Good Daddy on the phone (or online)

Fathers naturally want to come across as strong and stable for everyone around them. But only they know what their pains, worries and fears are. Having possibility to ask question annonymously can tremendously help them.

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I would feel happy to recommend David Škrobánek as a coach and public speaker. As a Father myself, I find David's niche to be inspiring and important in today's world. Through his own personal stories and experiences, David reminds us of what being a parent really means. Toby McCartney

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