I am David Škrobánek

I am a proud father of four children - the oldest Ema, the younger twins Nela and Vašek and the youngest František. I am also the "uncle" of Nina - my stepdaughter. I am grateful for every moment spent with them.


My Story



My whole career is connected with people. I worked as a recruiter, HR Manager or Director. In the Czech Republic and abroad. I have spent many years in international corporations. But I never cared about titles and positions. I was interested in other things - the meaning of work, corporate culture, relationships in the workplace. I patiently explained to the company's management the needs of the employees and equeally helped the employees to understand various company decisions. I built bridges between people to understand each other.

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We take some things in life for granted. Until they are endangered. One of the greatest lessons of my life was the breakdown of a marriage. I had to fight not to lose my children by someone else's decision. That's when I realized how important they were to me. And how important I, their dad, am to them. I consider children my teachers, and in return I try to be a good guide for them. I also want to be their support, which they will never be afraid to turn to, no matter what happens in their lives.

You can see, what fatherhood means to me in my keynote speech:



As long as I worked in the UK, a high degree of flexibility was obvious to me. I lived in an environment that allowed employees an above-standard degree of personal freedom. As a result, they were able to combine private and professional life and find a balance between them. I myself participated in programs that allowed mothers to return to work successfully. With colleagues, I have strived for diversity and inclusion at all levels, locally and globally across cultures.



It was very difficult for me to return home in the autumn of 2016. As soon as I came back the Czech Republic I had to quickly remove my pink glasses from my eyes. As a single father who takes full care of my children, I was not suitable candidate for any employer. When I mentioned my need for flexibility to be able to care for children, they indicated to me that fatherhood and working in a corporation could not be reconciled. The only way, they say, is to make compromises - either at home or at work. 



I never wanted to cheat neither my children nor the work, which I enjoy. All the personal and work experiences I gained during my life and career journey led me to the decision to live without compromises. In order to be able to manage my time I started working as an HR consultant, personal coach and trainer. At the same time, I remained a good daddy for my children. I don't want to compromise on that.



In addition to my work, I also established Good Daddy. It's a heartfelt project that allows me to help companies and individuals. I got to the point where I felt my decision made sense. I pass on the experience I have gained - to all who want to be good dads or want to run responsible companies. It is clear to me that I am not at the finish line, but still on the way. It's not always smooth, that's the way it is. But whatever happens, I can handle it.



Every step I take today will have impact in the future. Although I've been through a lot so far, I don't have an exact life guide. Therefore, I cannot even pass it on to you. But what I can do is to help you to make the best possible decisions for your next steps.

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Past events and meetings

It is great that the topic of fatherhood is beginning to be given more attention in society and in companies and that it is included in the topic of parenting. I therefore have the opportunity to speak on the topics of the Good Dad at conferences organized by companies, non-profit organizations, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs or the Government of the Czech Republic.

June 19, 2022
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