I know how difficult it is to orientate oneself in the challenges of parenthood and partnership. I have a lot of experience in both and I draw on them . Also, I have had a lot of conversations with dads who found themselves in dead ends. That's why I know how important it is to talk to someone who will not only offer you an unbiased view but will also help you find a solution.        I'm ready to help you.

Challenges you may face as father

I'll have a child and I want to know how my life will change

I have difficulties to combine family, work and my hobbies

Kids „misbehave“ and I look for way how to bring them up

Ilustrace - rodina STOP

Our relationship falls apart and I'm affraid I'll lose my children

Ilustrace - rodina sešívaná

We have some "challenges" in our blended family


Group workshops

Each situation has a solution. And you don't have to search for it alone. What you have been experiencing now has been expereinced by many others before. Meeting other good dads will offer you the inspiration, advices and proven practices.

Online Academy

Do you prefer shorter online meetings over longer period of time? This course is for you.

During the period of 6 weeks we will cover the most important aspects of fatherhood. Sessions will be very interactive and you will be able to ask questions about your specific situation. Number of participants will be limited in order to get the most out of the workshop. If you are curios about the content click below.

Weekend workshop

Do you prefer face to face meeting with other fathers during the weekend? During this intense weekend course we focus on specific aspects of fatherhood. Together with other dads, you will find answers to important questions that will shape your approach to children: What values do you want to pass on to them? What kind of dad do you want to be for them and when I play what role? How do you want to raise them?

Free one hour individual session included in price of both courses!

Do you want to know more?


Individual meeting

Do you look for more effective way, how to resolve tense family situations? I will help you during individual consultations. You can expect direct answers to your questions and worries.

How does the consultation work?

Dialog.The situation and path of each of us is unique and it requires different approach. Therefore I approach each meeting very sensitively. I will ask you a lot of questions and at the same time I will listen to you a lot.

Options. Many situations may look bleak, but when we discuss them together, we can come up with a number of different starting points to suit you. I believe that thanks to the change of attitude, you can also change things around you. 

Future. None of us got into a dead end from one day to another. Therefore, there are no instant solutions and it is necessary to proceed step by step. The result of our meetings will be your future, which you will create based on thoughtful decisions.

Form. The meetings can take place as it fits you. We can meet in person at your home or in my coaching room. We can also call or see eacother virtually through Zoom, Teams and other online applications.



I would feel happy to recommend David Škrobánek as a coach and public speaker. As a Father myself, I find David's niche to be inspiring and important in today's world. Through his own personal stories and experiences, David reminds us of what being a parent really means. Toby McCartney

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