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David Škrobánek — zakladatel Dobrého táty


I know very well that we (men) prefer to solve our problems on our own. We do not share our problems in discussion forums, we do not ask for advice on social networks. But our problems are no less than those to which women seek answers. Sometimes we also do not know how to raise our children and we need a way out of deadend. We want to find a balance between family, child care, work and personal hobbies. Or we deal with the breakdown of a relationship and the threat of losing children. Whatever is your situation, I will help you.


During my career I have worked in many companies with different approaches to people and I know HR very well. I understand the perspective of employees and the rules of business. Thanks to that, I can connect both worlds to mutual satisfaction. In addition, I know from personal experience that a friendly approach pays off for companies - every good parent will appreciate being given more space to care for children. He or she rewards his company with loyalty and commitment. I will help you find a way that will benefit your company and the parents who work in it.

I help both fathers and employers

Good Daddy helps all fathers, who want to take care more and better of their children. I also help employers to find solution, how to support parents and not to lose perspektive employees.

Man to father

The birth of the first child is a huge change. A woman is born as a mother, but a man has to become a father. By his decision, by changing attitudes, by changing his role. That's easy to say, but how do you handle it all?

Family, work & man

The biggest challenge of a new dad is how to combine taking care of a family, do his job well and keep his hobbies. How to handle it in front of your partner, child, employer and especially in front of himself?

I am lost with my kids

I have a limited amount of time with children, I am tired from work and I should to take care of them. What is my role? What can I - Dad - give to children? How to prevent or manage aggravated situations?

Family is breaking up

I have worked hard, I tried to secure all needs of my family, and now I'm accused of making a career and not caring? Unfortunately, when the relationship breaks down, very often children stay with their mum. But the child needs both parents! What should I do? I don't want to lose my children ...

Blended family

The situation, when you broke up with the previous partner and you have the new one, raises the question - how to put together a new family with children after the breakup of the original relationship. How to do it so that the new coexistence is as harmonious as possible? How to behave like an uncle?

where have i helped already

What I offer


Podcasts and webinars

You can listen, how I think about the topics you are dealing with. You will find out what my experience is and how I recommend solving different situations. It's the best way, how you can get to know me better.


Individual consultations

I ask a lot of question as well as I listen a lot in order to figure out what is most important to you. And then I move on step by step towards it. I will not give you an instant guide to life, but I will help you to write it yourself.


Workshops and team coaching

Each of us is in a different situation, but some patterns keep repeating themselves. I will explain the theory to you and in practical examples I will allow you to practice your new knowledge immediately. In addition, by meeting other dads, you will get a new perspective.

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HR advisor

Public speaker



I am David Škrobánek

I have my own four children and one stepdaughter. After the break-up of my marriage, I had to fight not to lose my children. I realized how important they were to me. And me for them. At the same time, I have a job that I enjoy and that fulfills me. I know I'm not alone - that's why I'm passing on my experience to other dads and companies.



I would feel happy to recommend David Škrobánek as a coach and public speaker. As a Father myself, I find David's niche to be inspiring and important in today's world. Through his own personal stories and experiences, David reminds us of what being a parent really means. Toby McCartney